My overarching research and extension goal is to meet the needs of people who use or enjoy rangelands with the goal of enhancing the conservation of rangeland ecosystems. My outreach strategy seeks to integrate peer-reviewed research publications, policy briefs, extension bulletins, website and social media presence, and in-person presentations, workshops, and relationship-building.

Since 2013, I have been a leader in developing the Graduate Student in Extension program, which was funded for a 3 year pilot program in 2014. As part of this effort I co-organized a graduate seminar on cooperative extension, and most recently served as a member of the steering committee for the program.  Currently in its second year, the program has now funded 11 graduate students to incorporate Cooperative Extension into their research programs.

In 2014, I organized a workshop at the North America Congress for Conservation Biology titled: The role of hunting in conservation and hunter education certification, which resulted in local news coverage and a followup blog posting. Additional extension work is ongoing including regular presentations to a variety of stakeholders, a diversity of publications, and continuing conversations with county advisors.

Missoulian Newspaper Article on Role of Hunting Workshop-crop

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